Monday, 22 August 2011

Room with a Revue (Mudclub) Review

There were some very loud laughs that echoed in the Mudclub at certain points in the proceedings of Room with a Review - they were at seemingly odd points but were very heartfelt. You see cast and crew of Melbourne Model The Musical were in attendance and the skits involving University of Melbourne administration as well as being amusing were closely linked with other hilarity. This dynamic gave a real eclectic-ness to the audience response to this show - which actually corresponded really well to the content.

As with most sketch comedy this show was a mixed bag, fortunately most of it hit the spot! Some felt more developed than others (detective, yay!), some had latent potential that was crying out for nurturing (German recycling) and some were just about perfect (enrolling in a Bachelor of University). This show really feels like it is going somewhere. The Mudclub was really suited to performing it in front of an audience and getting a response to the humour. It is going to be totally worth investing further in this comedy and bringing it to other stages and platforms around the University!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of this show and really looking forward to seeing how it is reincarnated into the future

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