Saturday, 20 August 2011


-         So hello
-         Hello
-         What do you think you’re doing?
-         What do I think I am doing?
-         Yes, why in all that is good and proper are you mucking about with form and silliness when you should be uploading OTHER ARTISTS to Muddy Leaks.
-         I am an artist too!
-         Yes but not ANOTHER ARTIST
-         I am an artist three!
-         You should be blogging about the festival
-         This is about the festival!
-         And how awesome Mudfest is and how hard everyone is working
-         How hard I am working?
-         You?
-         You?
-         You are playing games with interviewing me, myself and I. Clearly you have too much time on your hands.
-         […]
-         What?
-         […]
-         Where have you gone?
-         […]
-         Where have you been?
-         Oh sorry I had to go and re-upload everything from muddyleaks onto the mufest site blog. As well as email photos to someone that I have been promising for ages for concept art that I drew for one of my shows as well as writing and editing other artist interviews and thinking and planning on sorting out comps for people that need to be sorted. Oh and also I am filling out forms for leaving the country and starting Uni overseas in just over two weeks whilst constantly thinking about packing up this house and if everything will end up working out and being ok in the end – which it probably will – but still time, time, time, TIME! And instead what I really should have been doing is sitting here typing bugger all into this document and asking where I have been and gone.
-         I said you should be doing something else.

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