Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mudfest Meets August Performance Targets

As befits a festival of Melbourne, my opening night experience of Mudfest 2011 was dictated by the vagaries of public transport. As sometimes occurs, I got on the wrong tram. Waiting for the first Mudfest performance tram from VCA to Parkville, we were instructed to look for "the number 63 tram, route 67" or perhaps "the number 67 tram, route 63". In any case, instead of the short play we were expecting, we found ourselves amongst a wayward game of Bingo. I have often wondered how best to endure the city tram route. Now, thanks to Mudfest, I know. While the rowdy Mudfest patrons took to the game like ladies in a nursing home, the regular passengers generously looked on with bemused expressions. Thankfully they didn't have us expelled.

On our arrival at Parkville we were received by Grolsch bicycles, whimsically decorated in fairy lights and those lovely bottles of beer. We were guided along the boulevard by creations of light, a very late rabbit, a delightful jazz band, and two homeless guys having an existential debate on the subject of death. Finally we arrived at the elusive Mudclub (Second floor, Union House), a tasteful indoor venue complete with beer garden. We were served Muddy Pots of punch in gumboots, with a Re-boot available if desired. With the delights of opening night behind me, I can't wait to dive head first into the muddy potpourri of Mudfest 2011!

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