Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Dead Funny (Late) Review

Dead funny is a show that finds the humour, whether it is in cereal or death, it is there to be found and shared with the audience. We are greeted by a lonely lodger attempting to eat breakfast as he negotiates the tv remote and the telephone. A delightful comic scene draws to a close when he kills himself shaving with a kitchen knife and well, dies. Supposedly. You see Death is late and in a scenario rapidly developing into Terry Pratchett-esque absurdity he is forced into coercing said lodger to accepting his mortal ending.

This is Theatre injects the fun into death and written by Michael Fee for City Pigeons Theatre Dead Funny announces the arrival of a newly fledged (!) theatre company that incorporates a lot of comedy styling in its feathers (!).

Clever and fun, this production is full of physical comedy, mad characters and some lines that will stick with you long after you have left the theatre. Having debuted at Mudfest before moving to the Fringe Festival and then up north to FAST Dead Funny is a show that fits all sorts of audiences in all sorts of venues. I saw it in the Mudclub, and it worked very well in a tight squishy space that typified the limits of life and death that were imposed on the characters. But equally a larger space would allow for the slapstick to play out on a larger scale. One gets the feeling that much like its content Dead Funny is a play that everyone gets (eventually).

Apologies again for the obscenely late writing and publishing of this review, I really loved it and if you get the chance to see it in any of its incarnations now or into the future DO!

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  1. I love Pratchett. This reminds me a bit of "Dead Like Me". I like a good comedy, and some The Book of Mormon tickets were a great buy this summer.