Sunday, 22 May 2011

New Mystery Contributer!

Muddy Leaks we have a new intern working for us. You might be able to guess a little bit of who he might be and where he is from from these photos.

His identiy will soon be revealed. In the mean while, stay tuned and you YES YOU might get the chance to meet him. Out of all the contributers to Muddy Leaks he is surprisingly the least shy!

Are you Mud Fest?

Spotted on Campus! See any other little bits of art? The totally send it it. Iphone? YourPhone? Any photos of this cute logo send it in. We'd love to pass it on.

So, the question remains...

Are you Mud Fest Google it?

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Overheard In Onion House

First Floor during the interval for Closer

"I think this will be the Best Mudfest Ever"

We could not agree more with the the sentiments expressed here by an Esteemed Member of the University of Melbourne Theatre Community.

Logos Officially Revealed

 It's black, it's white.... yeah.yeah.yeah.
A veritable kaliedoscope of colour!

We think here at Muddy Leaks that they are so good that we are going to use them/adapt them for our background to our blog. Yes! Indeed. A true homage at that.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Follow Me!

@MuddyLeaks is on Twitter and it is linked to the facebook account and is regularly updated. We will follow you if you follow us and make you look as fabulous and popular as you think you are. Seriously!

In other news, it seems that Mudfest has come across some more "$$$$$"

We will let you know more as and when more information comes to hand!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Overheard Down in Brighton

Lady regarding her daughter-in-law:

"She is not into that gory and horror stuff. She is reasonably intelligent."

For - Every - Pond - Has - A - Leakage

Yes, we have dropped the original tagline for one that makes a little more sense. That doesn't mean we don't want to catch the drips before they seep away. So feed us!

MUDfest site is live!

The Mudfest 2011 site is live and boy is it a pretty one. Hats off to the designers. Check out the home-page:

Totally Cute! There are links for applications; Tastings; twitter and also fb. So get linked in with both them and us and stay in touch with the latest in MUDfest news.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

100 Days Party Callout!

We want your contributions! Photos? T-shirts slogans? Gossip! Leaks?! Opinion. Stories! Poetry… anything. Please like us and  post them on facebook >  Muddy Leaks; Link them into our Twitter or email them to and our team will upload your submissions to the site. All submissions will remain anonymous should you so desire or you can get creative and come up with a code-name. (Yes! It is exactly like primary school).

(Yes we realise the boat neck is a little 80s. But run with it)

Muddy Shorts: MUDfest takes to the National Stage at FAST

Muddy Leaks can reveal that MUDfest is set to go national this year with an application entered for the Festival of Australian Student Theatre (FAST) in Brisbane in September. A selection of works called Muddy Shorts from Tastings and the short cabaret showcase will be presented. Also the people taking up their performances will be co-running and participating the 24hrPlayProject@FAST2011. It’s a good idea to mention on your MUDfest application form if you are interested or fire an email to the Arts Officers.

Letters to the Vice Chancellor

Dear Glyn,

We noticed you in the paper on Monday. It was an article about blogs, and academic blogs no less. I suggest that you read and follow and interact with Muddy Leaks ( which is an exciting and important part of the University of Melbourne blogosphere. Perhaps we can even add each other to blogrolls.

It is so cool that you are keeping up with the program, with the times, with the kids. Seriously, we need to totes find each other on twitter too. And on facebook.


Muddy Leaks.

Muddy Social

Muddy Leaks is now on Twitter > that is right! You can follow us on Twitter; Like us on facebook AND follow the website. The facebook and the twitter @MuddyLeaks are linked in so updates go to both. If you have a blog of your own please sing up to follow Muddy Leaks – it isn’t a public following on the site and please also pop us on your blogroll.

MUDfest this year is going paper free and in the spirit of this Muddy Leaks is following suit. Green is such an attractive colour, and goes so well with brown. Having said that, here at Muddy Leaks we are still negotiating with all this new-media. If you are an expert or if you dabble in the internets to a greater degree than us muddites (!) then send us an email and let your awesome-ness feed Muddy Leaks technical abilities.  

Saturday, 7 May 2011

MUDfest and the Farrago.

Farrago Edition 3, 2011 was an interesting issue for many reasons. One was the highly amusing horoscopes but there was a lot of more interesting and political stuff as well. Not to be daunted the Editors of Farrago ran a provocative cover and also a feature article about the way forward for the Union/Onion underneath the leader ship of Clemens Unger*. Under the title Westfield Parkville Tim Hall wrote about the the direction the University is taking with the Union. This very interesting and worthwhile article was on page 11.

On page 40 there was an article about about MUDfest: Covered in MUDfest by Vicky Smith (which doesn't seem to be up on the website for some reason - check out the emag. It will be there - page 40). This is not a go at the eds for relegating it to the bag of the magazine - when it really should be in the front news section - instead we would like to draw some parallels between the articles.

For a University Union to be concerning itself to becoming "the Parkville terms of retail, entertainment and hospitality...a layout like Melbourne Central, you get the drift of what should be there" is a worry. This is Von Westfield on his vision for Onion House. But wait there is more! "I like that Borders principle..." Yes, it is always wise to take business ideas FROM A BANKRUPT COMPANY THAT FORGOT IT WAS A BOOKSHOP. It is clear that the Union is at risk as the article continues of forgetting that "it is a University not a shopping centre." So. We have a mandate (apparent mandate) anyway to move away from being "stuck in the 1970s" and 'moving forward' to to the present. The cynic in the root system of this website asks:
  1. How much is the architect being paid to redesign the second floor?
  2. How much does this "major make-over" going to cost?
  3. Will it actually benefit students and...
  4. Why was there no money in the MUSUL budget for MUDfest?
This is where the two articles are linked. On page 11 we have a man with an expansive and expensive vision to transform the Union and 29 pages later there is an article about the same organisation completely annihilating the funding of a student festival. There is of course tough economic times at the moment as we are being constantly reminded by our politicians in the lead up to Federal Budget BUT, the cynic might not accept that there is no money at MUSUL. There is just no money for MUDfest as it is being channelled into other ventures. 

Incidentally factually the report in the Covered in MUDfest article that MUSUL has cut the budget almost in half is incorrect. The money raised for this years festival predominately came from C-CRAG (The Cultural and Community Relations and Advisory Group - hideous sounding acronym but really quite awesome) and ever lovely and supportive Theatre Board. Allegedly MUSUL have not provided any direct funding (as far as Muddy Leaks is aware) but have been assisting with the providing the designs and other materials. Fortunately it finished on a great positive note:

Arts Officer Extroadinaire: "For us it is not about going 'Oh crap, we don't have eighty thousand dollars to spend' it's about producing a festival that's sustainable, raw, and not too loud in terms of expenses - a festival that is about ideas."

Keep up the fight Farrago!

*Henceforth on this site the supreme leader of that darkside of the will be known as Von Westfield, although we are sure he is a lovely chap.

So what is the logo?

We are being teased! We are being teased I say about the design for MUDfest 2011 - however the more observant of you would have noticed the header on the application form - and also this:

The picture that is the profile pic for MUDfest Arts on facebook. Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury (the internets) I think that we may have official leaks here! It's looking very pretty isn't it?

Friday, 6 May 2011

100 Days Party!

Muddy Leaks will be there with the best Overheards and the latest application gossip. Gorgeous design on the online flyer btw. Kudos due. Here is a link to the facebook event. No paper/flyers here (more on that later).

Overheard In Onion House

"[Food-Place-Not-Named-in-Union-House] is only good for smoothies unless you like your foccacia with blowflies."

Artist Applications for MUDfest are Open

Artist Applications for MUDfest are officially open! The form begins with:

Dear Artists,

Please wow us with your most original ideas. Be truly imaginative. Expose the kaleidoscope of your mind to us and
show us just how beautiful it is – how scary, how joyful, how messy it can be. Mudfest is a paradise of imagination.
How can you contribute?

and continues with:

Why does the world need Mudfest?

In 2011, Mudfest nearly breathed its last. After twenty-one years of biennial creative celebration, we came so close to losing this unique imaginarium to the clutches of budget cuts.
But here we are.

Under the new direction of an entirely student-run Mudfest Team, we as artists are claiming critical creative space at our University. In the wake of curriculum restructure, the potential – even the resources – for practical artistic exploration and expression is sadly diminishing. Mudfest is for us. This is our space, and we will fight for its survival.  This is where the power is! So artists – expose yourselves!*

Submissions close 31st May so get applying and Totes Get Involved!*Artistically!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sponsor On Board

Incredibly exciting! Er, did someone mention rhinos...